Dating is the best way to get to know a person before taking a life changing decision to spend your life with that person. According to recent research more & more people are choosing dating sites as their best opportunity to meet someone special.

But like everything dating also faces lots of criticism & fraud. Surveys show that more & more fraud cases are filed because of lack of exposure to filter fake profiles with original ones. It is the same case with people who are suffering with STD’s like Herpes, AIDS etc…We are discussing about 5 best STD dating sites & STD dating reviews which can be trusted with original and genuine profiles.


#1) Positivesingles.com:                                    Visit Positivesingles.com

Positivesingles.com is a very popular site for meeting singles who are suffering with STD’s. This site can be called as a veteran because since its inception in 2001 this site has helped many people with STD’s like Herpes, AIDS, and Chlamydia etc…to meet with their special ones and enjoy the life as normal people. They have around 7.5 million active users worldwide.

Positive Singles scrutinizes each and every profile very carefully to avoid any kind of cheating or fraud. If they find any fake profile they immediately delete the profile to maintain the reputation their site offers. They have a very user friendly Interface with free sign up option for Standard member and users can update to Gold membership for very less fee when compared to its competitors. Read full review..>>

Our rating:

5stars  Meeting compatible date
5stars  Privacy protection
5stars  Features
5stars  Customer service
5stars  Value for money


#2) Sensitivedating.org:                                       Visit sensitivedating.org


Sensitivedating.org offers an amazing platform for individuals having Herpes to interact and find partners. They maintain a clean design and complete transparent user policy. It is pretty easy to sign up and create free /paid profile. They also have some good features like Winks, !00% anonymity and many more. All the members profiles are hidden unlike other sites where we can see the member profiles on the home page.

They enforce very strict policies for ensuring only members with Herpes on their site. They have a very reputation of making good & long lasting relationships  Read full review>>

Our rating:

5stars Meeting compatible date
5stars Privacy protection
4stars Features
4stars Customer service
5stars Value for money


#3) Stdfriends.com:                                              Visit stdfriends.com


Stdfriends.com is a very nice site with cool user interface and very effective for people with STD’s who are looking to meet. STD friends.com accepts profiles from various types of STD’s like HSV, HPV, AIDS (HIV), Hepatitis, Chlamydia, Syphilis among others. But we found that some of the profiles may be fake as it is with other competitors even though the signup rules are strict.. Read full review>>

Our rating:

4stars  Meeting compatible date
4stars  Privacy protection
4stars  Features
4stars  Customer service
4stars  Value for money


#4) H-date.com:                                                    Visit H-date.com


H-date.com has a very normal and attractive site design and easy signup process which will attract people easily. A complete review of H-date.com (herpes date) site review is presented here, Please read it carefully and take a decision. This site is specialized for people with Herpes. Read full review>>

Our rating:

4stars  Meeting compatible date
4stars  Privacy protection
4stars  Features
4stars  Customer service
4stars  Value for money


#5) Hmates.com:                                                    Visit stdfriends.com


Hmates.com has one of the largest database of users with STD’s from which finding potential singles becomes easy. Hmates.com has user friendly site and free sign ups but paid membership might be a little costly. STD dating is very easy @hmates.com, For dating someone with herpes takes a lot of courage and you will not be disappointed with the kind of profiles you can meet.

Except being a little costly and there might be some fake profiles as it is the case with all dating sites hmates.com is a good place to meet herpes singles, AIDS Singles and other STD singles. Read full review>>

Our rating:

2stars  Meeting compatible date
3stars  Privacy protection
3stars  Features
2stars  Customer service
3stars  Value for money


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